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In Progress
Approvals: Flexible Approvals
Time: Overtime and Flexitime
Time: Time tracking for projects
Time: Display flexible workload in the Hub
Time: Clock-in/Clock-out timeframe
flair AI: Recruiting
Time: Restrict working time
Performance Review V2
Org. Chart: Interactive Org Chart in the Hub
Compensation Management
Shiftplaner: Enhanced V1.5
Performance: OKRs & Goal Management
Recruiting: Kanban view of candidates
Recruiting: Candidate Hub
Reminders & Custom notifications
Roles & Permissions
Learning Module LMS
Workflow: Pre-Onboarding
1-1 Feedback
Share: Employees and candidates notes
Absence: Manager can edit and delete absences
Time: Unified Calendar
Performance: Employee promotion flow
Pay grade and tariff
Share: Candidates details
Certificates: Next generation certificates management
Absence: Deduction and Payroll Compensation
Recruiting: Internal Hiring
Workflow: E-signature in Workflow
Hub: Reporting module for managers
Recruiting: Candidate Questionnaire
Career Portal: Custom Links
Integration: Seek job board
Absence: Table view for previous, next absences and allowance in the Hub
Company Forecasting
Bonus Calculation Framework
Employee and Position Management
Integrations: Calendly for Recruiting
Expenses: Improved Expenses Management Module
Recruiting: Improved Candidate evaluations
Document: Improved document generator
Absence: Improve overall UX of creating absence categories in Salesforce
Recruiting: Hiring Request
Recruiting: Better candidate screening flow
Absence: Additional absence request policies
Hub: Company dashboard
Document: Better mass upload in Salesforce
Absence: Overlapping absences in the Hub
Questionnaire: Add images/Gif to questionnaires
Knowledge Hub
Succession Management
Questionnaire: Questionnaire Templates in Salesforce
Career Portal: Embed Career Portal Data (Widget, Button,...) to any website
Hub: flair Kiosk
Integration: LinkedIn recruiter
flair AI: Employee forecasting
Cheers: Gif for cheers
Reward & Benefit
Recruiting: Stopwords in CV and cover letter
Performance: Employee career development
Hub: Better filters in the Hub
Integrations: Rchilli
Career Portal: Custom Page Builder
Loom: Recruiting
Recruiting: Better talent pool management
Integration: Jira
1-1s & Team Meeting Management
Questionnaire: New question types
Integration: Microsoft Outlook
Questionnaire: Improved salesforce questionnaire builder
Survey: Improved Salesforce module
Cheers: Custom pictures for cheers
Shift: Shift swapping
Salesforce: Next Gen employee center in Salesforce
Product: Interactive User Onboarding for Salesforce
Commenting: Email notifications enhancements
Skills: Advanced Skills Management
Slack: Daily digest
Notifications: Disable notification outside of working time
Hub: Analytic page for managers
Surveys: Survey builder for manager in the Hub
API: Time Tracking
Integration: User provisioning
Integration: Abacus payroll
Optimized Budgeting
Shiftplaner: Next generation Shiftplaner
Recruiting: Freelancer module